Profiles in Courage: Business Unit Leaders

Business unit leaders, often titled Director, General Manager, or Vice President, manage a business unit with several functions or an entire business function across several parts of a larger enterprise. Their primary focus is to provide strategic direction for the business unit, whether geographic, line of business, or functional. They help shape corporate strategy, and balance the short- and long-term needs of the business unit. They work with both internal and external stakeholders, and often are the face of the organization to external partners, suppliers, the community, and local or regional governments.

Business unit leaders navigate difficult terrain in full view of others with one goal in mind—getting results. Many big decisions rest on their shoulders. They are accountable for outcomes. To take risks, they need courage modulated by wisdom. To make lonely decisions, they need strong self-confidence modulated by humble self-awareness.

PDI Ninth House researched thousands of leaders across the globe to uncover critical factors for a successful transition into the role of a business unit leader. Understanding these factors can help individuals prepare for the challenges, successfully navigate transitions, and increase their ability to succeed in this role.

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