At PDI Ninth House, one question underlies everything we do. After we’ve worked with your leaders, what will they do differently to have the greatest impact on the business? We focus on tangible results and lasting change. And we do it in a way that creates sustainable processes to keep your leaders moving to the next level long after we’re gone.

We partner with you to create leadership solutions that impact your business results. You can’t afford to waste time, and we won’t waste yours.

We help our clients:

  • Identify leadership skills most pivotal at each level as it relates to achieving better business results, faster.
  • Measure and improve performance, potential, readiness, and fit at each leadership level.
  • Dig deep into what creates lasting growth: insight, motivation, and opportunities to apply learning in the real world.
  • Transition critical leaders more quickly into new, expanded roles.
  • Create a strong bench with ready leaders.

At PDI Ninth House, you won’t find the latest fads. You’ll find proven methods and results.

After all, the company with the best leaders wins.