Leadership Strategy

The most successful organizations align talent to business goals. Creating a strategy that ensures you leverage your talent most effectively is critical to sustaining success and competing in today’s market. We provide leadership strategy solutions that identify gaps, improve processes, and strengthen your leadership pipeline so that you continually have the right talent in the right roles.

CEO Succession

Today’s Boards face more accountability and scrutiny than ever, making them increasingly mindful of the need to plan for and effectively manage CEO succession. Not only do they face the challenge of selecting the right CEO, but getting it wrong could be disastrous. Whether a CEO transition will take place in the short term or whether it is five years away, having a robust succession plan in place is essential.

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Succession Management Services

Having a steady supply of highly qualified leaders ensures a sustainable business, regardless of change. We offer succession management services that define success profiles, and identify, develop, and onboard leaders for continual success.

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Competency Products and Services

PDI Ninth House has long been a pioneer in developing competencies that align with business strategy. Today, we’re focusing on helping clients think strategically up front, designing competencies that are relevant to the behaviors needed for role success, and partnering with technology firms to ensure that implementation and maintenance are smooth and easy.

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