PDI Ninth House provides integrated, highly engaging leadership development experiences that focus on the most critical business challenges your leaders face. From emerging leaders to CEOs and Boards, we offer customized, targeted development that focuses on the unique factors necessary for true change and growth.

Our philosophy is simple—development doesn’t happen in one training session or online course. It happens when an individual leader gains insight, builds motivation, develops capabilities, practices in a real-world setting, and is held accountable. 

Every leadership development experience PDI Ninth House offers is tied directly to your business goals and the individuals’ career objectives. We make leadership development measurable and specific—our results prove it. 

Board and C-Suite Development

Leading at the top of the organization can be immensely gratifying and rewarding; however, these roles are also fraught with peril. Sustained success requires that executives and board members regularly improve their skill sets, surround themselves with strong talent, ensure that they work effectively, and adapt as new challenges demand.

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High-Potential and Pivotal Leader Development

PDI Ninth House leads the industry in identifying and developing high-potential and pivotal leaders. Our deep understanding of leadership, from competencies to performance, drives our practical and targeted development programs. We skillfully integrate assessment insights and advanced development practices to help your organization identify, engage, develop, and retain these key leaders.

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Vital Many Leaders Development

Leaders at every level drive organizational success. PDI Ninth House offers scalable, cost-effective development solutions that work globally, culturally—and quickly. Our solutions, including online, classroom, and blended learning programs, focus on essential leadership skills. We offer broader first-level and mid-level leader programs along with targeted training programs.

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