PDI Ninth House leadership assessments ensure you have the information you need to drive your talent strategy. From first-level leaders to C-suite executives, you’ll benefit from the greatest assessment accuracy in the industry. Your leaders will develop their skills in a focused and efficient way, based on the precise outcomes of the assessment process at all levels of the leadership pipeline.

Board and C-Suite Assessment

Boards and CEOs of leading companies across the world turn to PDI Ninth House to increase their odds of getting great talent in key executive jobs, and to help their Boards and senior teams operate more effectively. We deliver proven results, helping organizations reduce the risk in filling C-Suite jobs and preparing executives and teams for success.

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High-Potential and Pivotal Leaders Assessment

PDI Ninth House leverages proven leadership assessment and development expertise to create the tailored solutions you need across the globe. Our solutions support your talent strategy for high-potential and pivotal leaders to accelerate your business success. We guarantee our results or your money back.

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Mid-Level Leaders Assessment

Mid-level leaders are responsible for successfully driving the execution of their organization’s strategy. We deliver assessment-driven development, providing highly personalized, actionable insight, helping organizations build a strong pool of high-performing mid-level leaders.

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Vital Many Leaders Assessment

PDI Ninth House provides a suite of innovative, cost-effective leadership assessment tools. Each one gives you actionable insight about the performance and potential of current and emerging leaders at all levels of your organization.

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