Leadership Challenges

PDI Ninth House addresses critical leadership challenges, identifies opportunities for improvement, and helps organizations create effective talent management processes that get top results.

Ensure C–suite succession


Your board needs to define a complete process for succession--one that meets your immediate and long-term needs. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Identify and develop high-potential leaders


Your organization’s future rests on your ability to identify and develop high-potential leaders. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Select and deploy the right leaders for pivotal roles


Leaders in pivotal roles are responsible for executing business strategy. You need to know which roles are most critical and how to close the gaps so your leaders will be ready when you need them. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

  • Implement well-defined processes and objective decision criteria for putting high potentials into roles when they truly are ready.
  • Identify which roles are most pivotal and what skills and capabilities are needed to be highly effective in those roles.
  • Assess leaders against these requirements with powerful, feedback-rich simulations.
  • Make more confident key deployment and development decisions.
  • Provide coaching to close skill gaps and equip leaders to handle new challenges.

Build robust bench across leadership levels


A robust bench of highly effective leaders ensures sustained success. You need a systematic process for identifying and developing leaders at all levels across your organization. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Increase effectiveness of large number of vital many leaders


Your organization requires cost-efficient, targeted development that you can scale across large numbers of leaders. PDI Ninth House partners with you to: