Business Challenges

Manage rapid business growth


To successfully manage rapid business growth, organizations must ensure they have leaders with the right skills in place, and maintain a steady pipeline of leaders who can move up quickly. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Expand global markets


As your organization expands into global markets, you need local leaders grounded in your company culture, strategy, and business principles. You also need a sustainable process for identifying, developing, and building local leaders. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Improve business results


Performance of your leaders ultimately drives business results for your organization. Leaders need to improve their performance when and where it counts. And you need accurate, proven ROI on your development investments. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

Drive new or changed business strategy


When your organization changes strategy, you need to identify new key leadership roles, then specify concrete behaviors that will help leaders support and execute the change. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

  • Identify which roles are most critical for success of the new strategy.
  • Define the success profiles needed for those roles.
  • Assess your leaders against the new requirements to identify gaps and determine how your leaders stack up.
  • Identify where talent constraints could put the business strategy at risk.
  • Develop and prepare your leaders to drive change.

Mid-level leaders are responsible for successfully driving the execution of their organization’s strategy. Listen to RJ Heckman, Ph.D., president and CEO of PDI Ninth House, introduce GreatLeaderGPS™, our revolutionary new assessment offering for mid-level leaders.


Already delivered in 64 countries, GreatLeaderGPS blends PDI Ninth House’s proven simulation-based assessments with innovative live and online elements, giving leaders and organizations the actionable insight they need to execute on their strategies and win in the marketplace.

In Part I, RJ Heckman, Ph.D., president and CEO of PDI Ninth House, introduces GreatLeaderGPS. In Part II, Stu Crandell, Ph.D., senior vice president at PDI Ninth House, highlights key features of GreatLeaderGPS™.

Drive innovation


When your organization is driving an innovation strategy, you need to know exactly which behaviors will empower leaders to meet this goal. PDI Ninth House partners with you to:

  • Define which roles are most critical to driving an innovation strategy.
  • Determine the success profiles these leaders need.
  • Assess and develop leaders against specific innovation behaviors and competencies.
  • Ensure that you deploy the right people on critical projects.
  • Coach your leaders to behave differently to build an innovation culture.
  • Design development programs to create and drive an innovation culture in your organization.