Yara International

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How Does Your Company Grow? With a Little Fertilizer and a Talent Management Strategy

Yara International moved from cost-cutting to doubling its growth in one business cycle. Learn how they prepared their leaders to handle the change.


As it realized its potential for growth, Yara quickly transformed its business plan to include the goal of doubling revenue during the next business cycle. Senior executives realized their leaders needed new skills and a new mindset to handle the change.


PDI Ninth House identified Yara’s current and future talent management needs, and determined that accurate performance assessments would be the key to strategic growth. Creating a database of assessment results, Yara was able to couple that information with the experience, knowledge, and past performance of employees to identify those who might be best suited for leadership roles.


With PDI Ninth House’s support, Yara International developed a successful talent management strategy, and executives reported greater confidence in promotion decisions, targeted external recruitment efforts, and developmental training programs.

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