TD Williamson

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Establishing a Leadership Pipeline: PDI Ninth House Provides Top-Down Leadership Program to Support Aggressive Global Growth Initiative

With plans to double in size by 2015, executives of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based global pipeline and equipment services firm TD Williamson knew they couldn’t leave the identification, assessment, and development of current and future leaders to chance.


“The competencies that served us well when our growth was moderate had to change once we started growing quickly,” said TD Williamson’s CEO. “Today, our leaders need to take on more risk, and they face more accountability and have to be agile to adapt to the quickly changing needs of the marketplace.”


TD Williamson worked with PDI Ninth House to implement a top-down leadership strategy. Senior executives participated in an in-depth, simulation-based assessment to determine individual strengths and areas for improvement. They also worked with PDI Ninth House coaches, and deployed PDI Ninth House’s TalentView® of Leadership Transitions tool to validate high-potential leader choices.


“Ten years ago, leadership development and succession plans got stuck in three-ring binders and received little attention,” said the CEO. “Now, these selection and skill development programs are a key part of our strategy.”

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