Smith International

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Building High-Potential Executive Talent in the Oil and Gas Industry

Smith International experienced accelerated growth. Many of its senior executives had been promoted due to stellar technical skills. But did they have the leadership agility needed to drive future success?


Smith found that many of their senior executives were approaching retirement age. In addition, some executives had been promoted because of their technical capabilities rather than leadership skills, and some of the executives joining the firm through acquisitions lacked many of the basic leadership skills needed to drive the organization into the future.


Through a series of comprehensive interviews with top management in conjunction with a design conference, key organizational stakeholders and PDI Ninth House consultants analyzed the organization’s issues and designed a process that would address the leadership challenges facing the organization. A Senior Management Development program was created..


In the first three sessions, 75 high-potential leaders attended the Senior Management Development program. Sixteen of those leaders have been promoted to higher level positions. Action learning projects have created substantial results and savings for the company.

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