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Development Assessment Centers Create Dynamic Results for Global Cement Giant—Holcim

Holcim faced a shortage of plant managers across the globe. It needed to be able to assess potential talent at the local level while anchoring competencies to the business strategy.


Holcim is a global cement and building materials company operating in more than 70 countries on all continents. Due to fast growth, organizational leaders found that the company faced a shortage of plant and commercial managers—key leaders for their successful operations.


PDI Ninth House worked with Holcim to build leadership competency models for first-level leaders through the senior executive/CEO levels. They also created “anchors” for the competencies; five levels by which behaviors are measured. This gave them a reference point and allowed local managers to start interpreting competencies by the same standards.


Holcim has been able to promote people much quicker. Some leaders in the three- to five-year span were able to advance within a year. Others moved across functions in the organization. Holcim now is able to confidently identify and appropriately develop high-potential leaders.

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