Global Specialty Chemical Company

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PDI Ninth House Helps Specialty Chemicals Powerhouse Accelerate Development of Organization's Best Leaders

After a global specialty chemical company made a sizable acquisition that nearly doubled its size, company leaders knew they had to quickly and efficiently prepare the right people for key leadership roles.


“We had to ensure we first focused on the right pool of people to develop. After identifying the right people, we knew we needed a program to pinpoint the professional needs not only of the participants, but of our organization,” the director of talent management said.


Partnering with PDI Ninth House, leaders developed an accelerated development program to help identify and prepare senior-level successors and high-potential talent. The program differentiated between organizational levels and business vs. functional roles, offered global reach and consistency, and integrated assessment and development.


Since its inception in 2008, more than 60 early and mid-career employees have completed the program. After an initial two cycles, statistics showed that 27 percent of participants received promotions within 18 months of program completion.

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