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Eaton. Equipping Leaders in the Business of Managing Talent

Eaton Corporation set an aggressive growth plan for Asia Pacific. To succeed, it needed to equip managers to become better at managing and retaining talent.


When Eaton’s HR Vice President for Asia Pacific and his OD manager reviewed business plans for coming years, they had serious concerns about whether the business could ensure enough engaged and capable talent to achieve aggressive growth goals.


PDI Ninth House worked with Eaton to design a two-day workshop with The Business of Managing Talent as a platform. The PDI Ninth House facilitator assisted the talent managers in developing their ability to speak and think in the language of talent management, focusing on core skill development on the evaluation and coaching of talent.


Eaton grew to over $13 billion in 2007, which translated to close to 10 percent annual growth over two years. Asia Pacific led that growth with increases over 20 percent each year. This successful growth has been supported by increasingly stronger talent managers who can engage and mobilize the people needed to realize the business strategy.

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