Arrow Electronics

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Arrow Electronics Coaching Experience:
Jeff Heffernan 

When Arrow Electronics wanted to create a more integrated, global leadership development program, they turned to individualized coaching. Learn how it made a big difference in one executive’s life.


When Jeff Heffernan relocated from San Jose to Dallas for a new position within Arrow Electronics, he recognized that he not only had a new team to lead, but a very different set of challenges.


In his previous role at Arrow, Jeff had worked with PDI Ninth House coach, Renata Hodges. Jeff elected to continue working with Renata due to her strong understanding of the business environment, their established foundation of trust, and their previous rapport.


“This process helps me stay focused on the strategic vision of my day-to-day management issues. The feedback I received was that I was managing at a higher level after the coaching engagement. My boss noticed, my team noticed, and most importantly, I noticed,” said Jeff.

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