PDI Ninth House, a Korn/Ferry Company

In 2013, PDI Ninth House was acquired by Korn/Ferry International, the leading global provider of executive recruitment and talent management solutions. By joining forces, we expanded our global reach, and are able to provide a broader palette of talent management solutions and best in class IP.

PDI Ninth House, Premier Global Leadership Solutions Company

In 2009, Personnel Decisions International and Ninth House formed PDI Ninth House, a premier global leadership solutions company. The combined strengths of our two industry-leading companies expand the reach and power of our solutions and offerings, meeting the broad leadership needs of organizations around the world.

Personnel Decisions International, Pioneer in Talent Management

Since 1967, Personnel Decisions International (PDI) has been a leader in merging science and business into practical leadership and talent management applications.

Lowell Hellervik and Marvin Dunnette developed ground-breaking organizational effectiveness methods. They led the field in developing early employee opinion surveys and behavioral description interview programs. PDI became the first to offer executive and managerial development centers utilizing assessment-based technology.

PDI gained international recognition when Dunnette published the 1976 Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the primary text used by I/O graduate students worldwide.

Over the next four decades, PDI continued to develop revolutionary techniques and programs.

Ninth House, Online and Blended Learning Solutions for Large-Scale Behavior Change

Founded in 1996 by Jeff Snipes, Ninth House, Inc. has been an innovator in using online technology to create engaging learning experiences. Ninth House provides globally scalable, cost effective online and blended learning programs that have proven to change behavior for large numbers of new and experienced leaders.

The award-winning Ninth House courses entertain and educate by incorporating Hollywood style video, innovative web-based activities, and interactive simulations. They leverage proven concepts from the world’s foremost business thinkers, such as Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, and Peter Senge and deliver through a tailored blended learning solution to ensure the behavior change.

Ninth House’s proven programs develop managers and leaders, foster innovation, initiate culture change, value diversity and create engaged, high performing employees. For over 13 years Ninth House has partnered with over 800 organizations and trained hundreds of thousands of learners, globally.

The Ninth House approach to learning is built on the power of storytelling. The oldest known storytellers believed that we move through 12 stages or “houses” in our life journey, learning something special at each stop along the way. The ninth house was dedicated to personal growth and long-distance travel. When today’s learners experience the ninth house, they’re entering a special place, focused on their own development, where the name itself tells a story.



Lowell Hellervik, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Lowell Hellervik began his career at PDI in 1967, was named president in 1975, and became chairman of the board and chief executive officer in 1989. A professional industrial/organizational psychologist, Lowell devotes his energy to succession consulting, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness consulting. His work involves helping executives clarify objectives for organizational change, then designing and executing a process to achieve their objectives.

Lowell was an editor of PDI’s Successful Manager’s Handbook and co-wrote The What and Why of Assessment. He was instrumental in developing PDI’s multi-rater feedback business and created PDI’s managerial coaching business in the early 1980s. A Ph.D. alumnus of the University of Minnesota, Lowell currently is on the adjunct staff as a clinical associate professor and enjoys bringing his vast experience and pioneering expertise to his field. Through his visionary leadership, PDI evolved from a small, local consulting firm to an international leader in leadership solutions and human resources consulting.

Jeff Snipes

Board Member, Ninth House Founder

Jeff serves in the office of the CEO as an active contributor to the strategic direction, innovation, and thought leadership of PDI Ninth House. Previously, Jeff was founder and CEO of Ninth House, Inc. Jeff grew the business from a start-up into the #1 online leadership development firm, engaging an active faculty in creating a new platform for large scale behavioral change. Ninth House integrated media, technology, storytelling and OD change processes to establish industry standards for effective blended learning models, winning top accolades as the best online leadership solutions provider.

Prior to founding Ninth House, Jeff was a senior executive at Interactive Media, helping grow it into a leading U.S. e-learning solutions developer before its sale in 1997. Jeff was named one of the "25 Rising Stars of the Internet" by Internet World magazine. Leadership Excellence magazine rated Jeff #45 in the Top 100 thought leaders on leadership in 2007. Jeff is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Trustee of the Marin Montessori School, and actively contributes to education and media-related ventures and non-profit organizations.